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Don’t miss out on these great job opportunities.




Jobs In Europe. Work in Europe.
Construction helpers, Brick Layers, Welders, Cleaners, Cooks, Warehouse Workers, Packing Operators,

Electricians, Production Line Workers. 

Example of a job offer below:

General worker to travel, explore and earn.
Packaging Operator is responsible for taking the finished product of a manufacturing process and ensuring that it is packaged in line with company and industry standards, making it ready for sale or distribution.
·Preparing and completing warehouse orders for delivery or pickup according to schedule

·Receiving and processing warehouse stock products

·Performing warehouse inventory controls and keeping quality standards high for audits


Male and Female ages 18 to 49 years of age.
Grade 10, 11 and 12 upwards.
Experience level: Entry Level.
Manufacturing experience is advantageous. 



Salary and benefits:

R18 000 to R40 000 monthly. 

Accommodation provided. 

Medical insurance included. 

To apply email. traveljobs@onconsultingjobs.co.za 

WhatsApp. 0613875522

Call. 0313013221 


Dubai Jobs:

Work in Dubai in the most exclusive hotels in the world lots of

Different jobs:

Admin, receptionist, hostess, ports, chefs, housekeeping, restaurant, Managers, Waitress, waiters etc.

ON CONSULTING (PTY) gets new positions we are a supplier to the UAE for hospitality jobs.

Salaries earned in Dubai are between R15000.00 to R60000. 00 depending on job offers. Visa, accommodation, and medical 2 year upwards working permits included in registration.


Requirements: Code 8 driving license, must have  12 months driving experience. Grade 10 to 12 required.

Monthly Estimated Salary : around R20 000 a month.

on average the driver will receive around 35% to 45% on each trip. More trips done by the driver more earning potential = Around R20 000 to R30 000 Monthly salary with tips.


– Medical Aid.

– Employment Visa.

– Classy vehicle.
-Free Accommodation while training.

We have 100 Jobs to fill so apply now while spots are open.

Jobs in New Zealand Skilled and semi Skilled works.
Below is an example of a job offer.

Mechanical /Electrical Engineer with red seal. 

Willing to travel and work overseas. 


·  Identifying, reporting and correcting any safety deviations and ensuring that the machines are never operated in an unsafe manner.

·  Providing care on machines to ensure that no components are inadvertently damaged or are maintained in a secure manner to avoid damage and pilferage

·  Scheduling maintenance times, parts, consumables and any additional labour required

·  Immediately calling out for assistance where the task at hand is beyond self-capability and working with supervision on logistics to obtain the labour

·  Arranging adequate tools, spares, consumables and any special devices like lifting equipment to enable smooth completion of tasks whenever needed

·  Immediately completing all applicable documents like risk assessments, job cards, timesheets, incident forms, waybills etc. as instructed and submitting accordingly before end of each shift.

Qualifications & experience required


Mechanical /Electrical Engineering National Diploma or Artisan Trade (Red Seal). 

Minimum 5 years of experience working with heavy mechanical equipment. 

Willing to apply for a passport. 


R50 000 to R80 000 monthly.

Medical insurance included. 

Email. traveljobs@onconsultingjobs.co.za 

WhatsApp. 0613875522 

Call. 0313013221 



Nursing jobs Overseas

The average salary expected for a nurse in Dubai is estimated to be


$1,500-$3000 which equates to approximately R20 000 to R60 000. The Beginning salary for a nurse in Dubai is

dependent on qualification and Position, As well as whether the hospital is funded privately or by

the Government. A huge advantage of nursing in Dubai however that is your income will be Tax-free.

Furthermore many nursing jobs in Dubai come with a wide range of benefits including insurance,

accommodation allowance and travel expenses.

Nursing in Dubai Requirements:

In order to begin your journey towards nursing in Dubai there are some requirements that you are going to

have to meet. Namely, you are going to have the appropriate Nursing qualification to practice nursing in your

home country and have no interruption in your nursing practice for more than 2 years.

You are then required to pass the assessment set forth by the Dubai Health

Authority. For more information on the requirements ask your agent .You will also be expected to have the

appropriate working permits and Visas.

Advantages of Nursing in Dubai:

There are a whole host of advantages to taking a nursing job in Dubai beyond just the warm climate and

beautiful scenery. One of the most commonly is that earned income is tax free. This means that every UAD that

you earn is yours to keep. Paid leave for nurses in Dubai is often very good too, with many roles offering up to

40 days paid holiday for full time workers.

Furthermore the employment benefits that many immigrating nurses receive when taking a job in Dubai are

very generous. It is very common for nurse’s to receive free accommodation or a housing allowance. Alongside

this many employers will also include dental, health and life insurance alongside travel allowances. These

travel allowances will often fund both travel to the workplace as well as flights back to the country of origin for a



Teaching in China or Thailand:

Great opportunity to explore the world meeting people from different countries likes Australia, London, America

teaching English in China or Thailand.

Teaching English Salary and benefits will of course vary from country to country and school to school and will

be influenced by your qualifications and teaching experience.

Excellent salary: 1,200 – 3,000 USD per month Accommodation provided Western style furnished near the

school, Flight allowance, Performance based bonuses, visa and residence permits provided,

22 – 55 days paid holiday per year, Health insurance provided, Weekly language lessons Airport pickup and

welcome pack, On-going training and academic support, Promotion opportunities, This is an example of

a typical salary package for ESL teaching jobs abroad, we will provide you with specific package information for

a selection of suitable schools once we receive your application.



Hospitality is an industry that includes spas, lodges, continental breakfast areas, resorts, hotels, and RV parks

meeting rooms.

Hospitality workers usually perform many of the following tasks:

• Attending people at a bar.

• Serving dishes.

• Recommending wine pairings.

• Arranging transportation services.

• Organizing meetings.


• Having customer service skills.

• Being able to work under pressure.

• Having problem solving skills.

• Being an active listener.

• Having interpersonal skills.

• Being able to work with a team.

• Having high attention to details.

• Being able to work with people from different backgrounds.

• Having good communication skills.

• Being able to work for extended hours.

Excellent salaries $10.00 to $40.00 per hour excluding tips working hours 8 to 12 hours daily


Care givers to work in the UK (United Kingdom)

Our Healthcare Division Recruits Caregiver Candidates With The Right Credentials And Attitude For This Important Occupation Caregivers Are The Backbone Of The Day-To-Day Care Of The Young, Aged,

Handicapped And Sick. Qualified Caregivers Are Available To the Healthcare Industry On

Contract. They Provide Support Services To Nursing Staff.


• Bed Making

• Bed Pans

• Nappy Changing

• Body Hygiene

• Oral Hygiene

• Assist in Dressing

• Feeding

• Cleaning of the patient’s environment

Applicants Must Be Willing To Work Day And Night Shifts,

Seven Days A Week If Necessary. All Contracted Caregivers


• Monthly Salary R40000.00 +-

• Medical Aid Activated After 3 Months of Starting Date

• Bonuses

• Travelling Allowances

• Meal and House Allowance

Requirements: Minimum level of education: Certificate, Language(s): English, Driver’s license: code 8,

Availability For travel: Yes Availability for change of residence: Yes


Au Pair in USA (America), UAE (United Arab Emirates), Europe.


Au pairs can be expected to do a combination of child care and light housework duties. They are not

responsible for housework that does not relate to the children’s or communal living areas that are kept tidy by all family members. An au pair’s primary duties are taking care of the children and

entertaining them, as well as teaching the native tongue if this is required.

An au pair’s duties may include:

• waking up the children

• taking/picking up children to/from school

• helping with school homework

• playing with the children

• taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities

• preparing light meals for children and clean up after the meals

• doing the children’s laundry and ironing their clothes

• making the children’s beds

• tidying up the children’s toys

• cleaning the children’s bathroom, cleaning the children’s room

• An au pair does not have to:

• manage the whole household

• prepare meals for the parents

• make the host parents’ beds and clean their bathrooms

• clean the floors

• clean the windows

• take care of the pets

• do gardening

• supervise/take care of other children that aren’t the host kids

The duties of the au pair also includes following the house rules set by the host family. This includes

abiding the curfew, bedtime and dress code, as well as following rules for computer and phone use.

These rules may be described in a household handbook, which is provided to the au pair when

moving in to the host family. The curfew and bedtime is typically assigned based on when the au

pair will begin work in the following morning.


Cruise Ship Job Assistance:

A modern cruise ship is like a floating city, there are all kinds of positions available. Some cruise jobs require highly developed professional skills, others are entry level positions. In order to be hired by a cruise line or a

concession successfully you should review very carefully the various shipboard departments, positions descriptions and job requirements. Then you should decide which job(s) is most suitable for your educational or/ and professional background.

Beauty/ Spa/ Hairdressing/ Fitness Jobs Human Resources Department Jobs

Casino Jobs Financial Services Jobs

Cruise Staff/ Youth Staff Jobs Information Technology/ IT Jobs

Deck Department Jobs Medical Jobs

Engine Department Jobs Photography Jobs

Entertainment Department Jobs Golf/ Scuba Diving Instructor Jobs

Food And Beverage Jobs Lecturers/ Speakers Jobs Galley/ Culinary Jobs Instructor Jobs

Gift Shops/ Retail Sales Jobs Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer Jobs

Housekeeping Jobs Clergy/ Religious Services

Hotel Operations/ Guest Services Jobs


STCW Course is a must

Hospitality experience .
ages 21 to 45 male and female.



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Manager Navan Moodley 0613875522


Local Training accredited SETA certificate and job placements # Call Centre 2 weeks training (R2000,00) # Reception 1 Month (R3000, 00) # Cashier 1 Month (R3000, 00) # Basic Computers 2 months (R3000, 00) # Office Admin 1 month Training (R3000, 00) # HIV/AIDS counselling 2 weeks (R3000.00) # Basic HR 3 Months training (R3000.00) #Care giving 1 month training (R3000.00) COMBO COURSES: # Caregivers + HIV Counselling 1 Month R4000.00 # Office Admin + Basic Computers 1 Month R4000.00 # Reception + Basic Computers 1 Month R4000.00 # Call Centre + Basic Computers 1 Month R3000.00 # Basic Human Resources + Computers R4000.00 # Cashier and waiter, 1 month at R4000 Basic HR + computer training (4 mths) R5000 Basic HR + office admin (4 months) R5000 Basic HR, office admin + computer training (6 mths) R6000

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